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By cliff, 17 April, 2024

Recently we migrated some ASR-1001-X to a new setup with ASR-1001-HX and recent IOS versions on it. After the migration we got some OSPF sessions that kept being stuck in INIT/DROTHER. It appeared these where all ASA firewalls.

After some googling and troubleshooting I came into the following article - https://finkotek.com/cisco-asa-ospf-neighbor-stuck-in-init-state/ 

It seems there are some incompatibilities between ASA and recent ASR/IOS-XE releases. Basically LLS aren't supported 100%.

By cliff, 16 April, 2024

Recently I acquired a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 12. 

As I only run Linux on my computers I decided to install Ubuntu 23.10 on this wonderful laptop. 

Please note that after installing from the 23.10 ISO the following will NOT work:

  • Built-in WIFI
  • Accelerated Graphics
  • Broadband 5G modem
  • Touchpad 
  • Brightness Controls

After updating 23.10 using apt-get update (using a USB nic obvious) everything started to work nicely, besides:

By admin, 2 April, 2020

For quite some years I've been using an rsync script to make my backups. You can find it here. It basically makes an incremental daily backup and uses hardlinks for files that have not changed to preserve diskspace.

Howto use it

The basic syntax for backup.sh is:


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