Using BIRD as a route server for BGP analytics

Submitted by cliff on Tue, 13/03/2018 - 10:34

These days there are many public BGP analytics services which all need data to analyze. Ofcourse you could peer directly to it from your BGP routers, but I wanted to seperate it a bit more.

I choose to use bird as a collector for the routes and distribute them to multiple services. As I personally didn't find many examples for BIRD here is mine (privatized a bit here and there)


Reviving a MGE Pulsar Evolution 2200

Submitted by cliff on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 16:06

I recently acquired a used MGE Pulsar Evolution 2200 UPS from work where it was no longer used. It had no working batteries anymore, and there are no replacement battery packs from MGE available anymore. After googling a bit and reading the user manual I found it it is pretty easy to do yourself. There is also a youtube video about the MGE 3000 but it is the same way as with the MGE2200.  You just need the following items:

Quick and Dirty Unsecure tunneling on IOS

Submitted by cliff on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 14:38

This is an old post, I posted here a couple of years ago for Arjen Halma. It was the first one I found, so i'm putting it back here for reference.

interface Tunnel0
 description tunnel to other side
 ip address <PTP-IP> <PTP-NETMASK>
 no ip redirects
 no ip unreachables
 no ip proxy-arp
 ip mtu 1480
 ip tcp adjust-mss 1420
 tunnel source Dialer0
 tunnel destination <TUNNELSERVER>
 tunnel mode ipip

Add additional routes for the network on the other sides ;)


Cisco QoS for SSH preference

Submitted by cliff on Fri, 28/04/2006 - 08:34

This post is a legacy post from my old weblog, it has been included as it seems to still have some hits. Old comments are included

Thanks to Saku Ytti, I have a little config snippet that will enable low delay QoS for Cisco 877W (with Advanced IP services) (Your mileage may vary on other Cisco's). It guarantees bandwidth on packets with a max of 200 bytes. This includes interactive SSH, icmp, VOIP and most games.

Cisco 877W Configuration

Submitted by cliff on Sat, 15/04/2006 - 08:17

This post is a legacy post from my old weblog, it has been included as it seems to still have some hits. Old comments are included

As promised in my last post I promised to put some configuration online for WIFI configuration on a 877W. But first, I experienced some problems getting VLANs working on the Ethernet ports. It seems you need an Advanced IP Services IOS for this and NOT the default Advanced Security Services IOS. Remember to get 12.4(4)T2 if you want ADSL2+ support!

The relevent WIFI config snippets:

Why Mac OS X sucks

Submitted by cliff on Sun, 14/08/2005 - 12:01

[Legacy Post from my old weblog]

A couple of years ago I bought my first Mac, it was an iBook G3 and at first I was totally in love with the Mac. After the iBook G3, I bought myself a G4 Titanium Powerbook for more performance and it was good. However the last year I started hating Mac OS X more and more.


Bogon filtering using BGP bogon route servers

Submitted by cliff on Fri, 03/12/2004 - 16:50

This post is a legacy post from my old weblog, it has been included as it seems to still have some hits. Old comments are included

Currently we are blocking bogon advertisements by using a prefix-list which we are updating manually. The problem with this approach is that whenever an address block is delegated by IANA to a RIR this list has to be updated manually. According to Team Cymru there is an easy fix for this problem and that's peering with there bogon route server.


Cisco / Foundry BGP Config to RPSL

Submitted by cliff on Fri, 17/09/2004 - 08:34

This post has been recoverd from the old site for archival purposes and as it has still been generating some hits.

Last year I built my self an Cisco/Foundry BGP config to RPSL generator to create RPSL for in an routing registry (I primarily use the RIPE database). I did this because there where only tools that could do the other way around, generate a config from your RPSL entries in the routing registry database. As I currently can't find any tool in the wild that can do this I'm hereby opening it to the world.