Why Mac OS X sucks

Submitted by cliff on Sun, 14/08/2005 - 12:01

[Legacy Post from my old weblog]

A couple of years ago I bought my first Mac, it was an iBook G3 and at first I was totally in love with the Mac. After the iBook G3, I bought myself a G4 Titanium Powerbook for more performance and it was good. However the last year I started hating Mac OS X more and more.

On my normal workstation (intel based linux machine) I use PWM  as an window manager. Great to use, very minimal and very fast. And it has the one thing that I really require in a windowmanager, and that is sloppy focus. That brings me to point #1 why Mac OS X sucks - No Sloppy Focus

Another point that is very annoying in Mac OS X (according to myself ofcourse), is the fact that the title bars and menu bars are using quite large fonts. I like them small so I can cram more on my display (which is needed with the relative low resolutions that the iBook and Powerbook have).

Another thing I miss in Mac OS X is that there is no default package management system, ofcourse you could install fink or darwinports, but still it stinks.

A little related to the above point is the fact that there is no default development tools installed, you have to download this enormous package yourself. No way to download individual tools, no you got to get them alltoghetter. Which is a pain in the ass if your normal OS is Debian.

Also there is no 'advanced' mode tot configure things in the GUI, these have to be done in the old fashioned text style way. The problem with this is that these changes are going to clash with changes made GUI wise.

Why Mac OS X Sucks in 5 points

  1. No Sloppy Focus
  2. System fonts way to large
  3. No Default Package Management
  4. Development Tools not included by default
  5. GUI tools do not understand manual changes.



Are you aware that you can edit size of system fonts?

James van der Heide (Email) - 13 September '05 - 03:07

Development Tools are included by defalut!
But due to the number of them, they are an optional install.
Updated versions of the development tools also come with every operating system, including sample scripts, package generators, gui makers, and several coders, not to mention the graphic and audio design tools.

James van der Heide - 30 October '05 - 19:27

Note that that has changed in 10.4, before 10.4 there where no Development tools included, you had to download them from ADC. And the system fonts don’t include title bars and stuff :)

Cliff Albert (Email) (URL) - 30 October '05 - 19:29

If I may ask, What is so important about a sloppy focus?!?
If you need sloppy access, a usb drive works just fine but if you are looking for portable storage, a sloppy is way too small.
I take files with me all the time and I find that a 1gig flash drive is too small.
And as far as booting goes, you can boot off of any drive connected to your mac or its network.
And very few operating systems can boot on a drive that small anyway, linux and windows included.
A windows startup disk does not include the files necessary to boot the hard drive, rather it includes the defalut boot commands for where to find resource files if one has moved them.
Also, the Mac OS does not get upset if one takes a file and moves it to an other location on the hard drive, In many cases a program can be run directly off of a read-only drive.

James van der Heide - 30 October '05 - 19:36

Sloppy Focus has nothing to do with File Access. Sloppy Focus has to do with the way your active window is selected. Sloppy focus makes windows actives when you have your mouse pointer in them. In Windows AND OS X you have to click the window to make it active. Totally not working for me if you are used to years of sloppy focus experience, and no way to change that.

For portable storage I use a 250G USB drive, enough space and works everywhere, but that was never an issue for me with OS X. Again Sloppy Focus != Sloppy Access.

Cliff Albert (Email) (URL) - 30 October '05 - 21:10

Is there somewhere a MacChurch?
Why anytime one dislikes Mac OS there will be a flush of vigilant Mac honour keepers?

Open minds…

Well, i kind of live in both worlds. *nix, BSD, Mac… and well.. there some cool things about the Macs but I really doon’t see where all this fuss about the supposedly super-extra-power-special Mac OS interfaces come from. There’s so much it misses…
Now if the comparison is MS Win, well, it can’t even compete in the same class. But my friends, fluxbox, pwm and even the more modern stuff like enlightenment do beat MACs interface in usability.
u guys should try it one day. Religious thoughts apart. Anyway, if u can’t have some laicism in computing, there’s no point in posting comments here or elsewhere.

pinru (Email) - 24 February '06 - 16:50

Cliff, the difference is that Mac works and Windows just stumbles over itself. Apple’s OS hasn’t had a virus in the past five years that is really saying a lot when you consider Windows has new viruses everyday. Plus Apple users become obsessed with their computers; How can you blame them, coming from an old Windows machine that freezes every five minutes and has tons of spyware on it and no one knows where it came from. Since Apple had such a small market share they were able to make their OS more secure and not worry about the third parties. Windows can’t do that and that is why they suck.

Plus they have don’t have any creativity what so ever. Isn’t it kinda funny that when OS X came out Apple added tons of color to the it and XP just happened to do the same thing. Also there was an “X” in the name Microsoft chose “XP”. Don’t tell me this just a coincidence. Now look at Tiger and look at Vista: #1 Widgets, #2 Expose, #3 Spotlight. Microsoft is making a carbon copy just like they have always done from the beginning.

Jason Dittmer (Email) (URL) - 23 March '06 - 04:02

Why are you comparing Mac and Windows ? I don’t use Windows at all :) I was comparing my usage of stuff with my current desktop enviroment (X11 and pwm) to OS X. I’ve used both. And all the extra stuff in OS X is just bothering me…. It doesn’t provide the basic requirements I need, so it’s not good enough…

Cliff Albert (Email) (URL) - 23 March '06 - 11:18

chill out guys :)

Ok, for a starter: who started the windows vs. mac os x comparisions?
This thread all started about the things that one really misses when coming from the linux world into the mac one. Windows is completely out of this story.

And take a close look (quoting from the first comment):

Why Mac OS X Sucks in 5 points

1. No Sloppy Focus
2. System fonts way to large
3. No Default Package Management
4. Development Tools not included by default
5. GUI tools do not understand manual changes.

and may i had…
6. copy and pasting text with the mouse (or yanking, as it’s known)

and some cool window manager specific features:
7. Tabbing and grouping windows at will (extremely useful)
8. and the old multiple and virtual desktops to multiply workspace
9. the old mac os 9 window shading thing!!! i do it simply by rolling the mouse wheel

Has the Microsoft world ever been close to this. No. Not at all. It’s just another universe.

And Jason, the X came a long long way… from the MIT in the 70’s.
Actually the X in system names is as old as Unix and POSIX whatsoever. Though it’s the X graphical interface which started a real naming trend i think.

And if you do pay attention to Apple’s market srategy, u’ll figure out they’re not only trying to seduce people from the windows world with their fancy and far smarter interfacing but their also aiming at the GNU Linux/BSD/UNIX etc etc etc—the ‘X’ there is a clear call for those. It’s not meant to be new.

Anyway, I do think MAC has a place in the world, though my personal preference goes towards the functionality and flexibility of a well-built Linux system based on GNU material. I would recomend a fine imac to my family (parents etc) in the day they want to change their own pc.

pinru (Email) - 23 March '06 - 11:19

Ah and there’s even more stuff


10. root menu! as simple as that. Click anywhere on the screen and have complete menu. No unecessary mouse moves
11. aplication list clicking on the root menu as well (witha different mouse button naturally)
12. and AHH!! moving and resizing windows without having to grab the windows borders and/or decorations (use alt+mouse)

Such cool things… 

(cool means for me: slicky, smart and practical)

pinru (Email) - 23 March '06 - 12:26