Cisco QoS for SSH preference

Submitted by cliff on Fri, 28/04/2006 - 08:34

This post is a legacy post from my old weblog, it has been included as it seems to still have some hits. Old comments are included

Thanks to Saku Ytti, I have a little config snippet that will enable low delay QoS for Cisco 877W (with Advanced IP services) (Your mileage may vary on other Cisco's). It guarantees bandwidth on packets with a max of 200 bytes. This includes interactive SSH, icmp, VOIP and most games.

class-map match-any LOW-DELAY
 match packet length max 200
policy-map EGRESS
 class LOW-DELAY
  priority percent 75
 class class-default
interface ATM0
 pvc 0/35
  vbr-nrt 800 800
  tx-ring-limit 3
  service-policy output EGRESS
Make vbr-nrt to match your current DSL upstream speed or lower. As you want it to prioritize as soon as possible! This QoS implementation will NOT limit your upstream. This is different to other implementations like the Linux LARTC Wondershaper implementation.