Reviving a MGE Pulsar Evolution 2200

Submitted by cliff on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 16:06

I recently acquired a used MGE Pulsar Evolution 2200 UPS from work where it was no longer used. It had no working batteries anymore, and there are no replacement battery packs from MGE available anymore. After googling a bit and reading the user manual I found it it is pretty easy to do yourself. There is also a youtube video about the MGE 3000 but it is the same way as with the MGE2200.  You just need the following items:

  • 6 12V 7Ah lead batteries. I acquired these from (the Evolution 3000 requires 9Ah batteries)
  • Torx 6 Screw driver

After opening the front of the UPS and removing the battery pack, there are 4 screws that need to be removed. Inside you find the battery chain. It would be wise to make a picture of the cabling. As most of the cables are black, there is no way to know how they got hooked up. But the batteries have colours for positive and negative terminals, so I just wrapped a bit of red tape on the ends where they should connect to a positive terminal.

Pulsar MGE2200 Battery Pack Open
In the process of swapping out the batteries (sorry for the bad quality)

After disconnecting all the cables, remove the batteries. Keep in mind that the isolation shields need to be kept, as most new batteries don't have them. Hook the new batteries up exactly like the old ones. Screw everything together, put it back in the UPS and close the front. Connect the ups again and start it up. As good as new!