mPCIe Lorawan Gateway Cards

Submitted by cliff on Wed, 11/04/2018 - 10:52

There are currently a few "mPCIe" lorawan gateway cards on the market or in development. Unfortunately most of them only use the mPCIe/M.2/mSATA form factor but not a mPCIe compatible pinout. This list tries to be complete in differentiating between the different cards.

mPCIe Lorawan Gateway Cards
Card Name/Type Availability Gateway Chip Reference Design mPCIe Compatibility
nFuse LRWCCx-MPCIE Q3 2018 1301/1308 1 Yes, USB
MAXIIot GL5711 now 1301 1 No, mPCIe formfactor but 5V supply voltage
RAK Wireless mPCIe unknown 1301 unknown Unknown
MultiTech MTAC-LORA now 1301 1 Probably not, requires 3.3V and 5V supply voltage and looks like M.2 format
OccamSmart mPCIe now (US $110) 1301/1308 1 Yes, USB/Serial
LIyatech LRM001 now  1301 1 Not clear, seems to be USB/Serial