Update/Reset Gopro Hero 3 WIFI Settings

Submitted by cliff on Mon, 26/03/2018 - 10:08

My gopro hero 3 had a password set I couldn't remember. It seems changing it isn't that straightforward, most guides on the internet redirect you to the gopro site, where you have to enter your serial number to obtain an update.zip file, which contains 2 textfiles. Here is a guide to do it without going trough their site.

Get an empty microSD card (or format it) and add the following 2 files to the root directory of the microSD card. Change WIFI_SSID to your own SSID, and change WIFI_PASSWORD to the password you want to use.


Cisco 877W Configuration

Submitted by cliff on Sat, 15/04/2006 - 08:17

This post is a legacy post from my old weblog, it has been included as it seems to still have some hits. Old comments are included

As promised in my last post I promised to put some configuration online for WIFI configuration on a 877W. But first, I experienced some problems getting VLANs working on the Ethernet ports. It seems you need an Advanced IP Services IOS for this and NOT the default Advanced Security Services IOS. Remember to get 12.4(4)T2 if you want ADSL2+ support!

The relevent WIFI config snippets: